Pins and needles?

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Help, I am getting pins and needles in my hands after 20+ mins riding. If I place my palms on top of the bar it's a little better. I am riding a Dawes Sonoran.
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    Do you use mitts? If not get a pair! Numbness in the hand is due to pressure on the ulnar nerve. This can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome which can be quite serious.

    Getting a pair of gel padded mitts will help reduce pressure as will frequently moving your hands about on the bar/changing your riding position. I use the spesh gel padded mitts. they're pricey - £25 but have got loads of padding where you need it.

    You may also be putting too much weight on your hands. Check your bike set up or get your lbs to look at it for you - raising your stem or lowering your seatpost if necessary.
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    I def. agree. Good gloves, and certainly get your geo checked. You could be leaning too far forwards and so have too much pressure on your hands.
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