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Mike Dyason Tools

hugo15hugo15 Posts: 1,101
edited July 2007 in Workshop
Anyone any experience of tools from Mike Dyason? How do they compare with those from the likes of Park, other than being a fraction of the price?


  • Fab FoodieFab Foodie Posts: 5,155
    I've a pedal spanner, chain-whip and Cassette removal tool from Dyason and for the price they are excellent. I'm not a pro mechanic so for the use I'll give them they'll last for aeons.

    Nice service too.

    Go for it!

    The pessimists of this world are rarely disappointed....
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  • hugo15hugo15 Posts: 1,101
    Thanks FF. Just have to learn how to use them first - off to Edinburgh Bike Co soon to find out.
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