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DMT shoe info

bikeit65bikeit65 Posts: 926
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I have been using a pair of DMT road shoes for the past couple of weeks but im not sure if they are too small or that i am not using the rachet thingy and two velcro strapes properly,
how tight should the velcro strapes and ratchet thingy be before you set off.
This is my first pair of DMT shoes i normally wear Specialized.
Is the toe box area in DMT shoes less that Specialized.
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  • rjsmithrjsmith Posts: 1,924
    I don't think DMT are as wide in the toe box as the Specializeds will be. Mine aren't for sure. Northwave are known as being wide in the toe box.
    As to tightness, well it depends upon your riding. If I'm doing an hour long crit then it'll be nice and tight with little foot movement. If it's longer then I certainly loosen the upper two straps to keep the blood flow on the top of the foot.
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