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Dura Ace cable barrel adjusters

slogfesterslogfester Posts: 39
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Sorry, this might be a dumb Q.

I just bought a new bike. Merida Scultura FLX Team-20 frame, with Dura Ace groupset and other nice components. All purchased via and assembled by my LBS. 200 km and 1 week later the derrailuer cables are starting to stretch and need tightening.

The front derailleur has what appears to be a barrel adjuster at the top (RHS) of the down tube (just before the cable goes internal in to the framel), but it does not appear to do anything. Just twirls around. Seems to lack a thread? From Sheldon Brown's website I read to use the low gear limit stop to adjust the front derailleur. But how can cable stretch be *fixed* as opposed to mitigated by adjusting the low gear limit stop?

The rear derailleur doesn't have any barrel adjuster apart from the one at the derailleur itself? Ommission by LBS or by design? (My older bikes have always had two barrels for the rear derailleur).

Of course, I will go to LBS and get it all fixed, but I'd like to arm myself with some info first (i.e. am I missing one barrel for the rear and have a faulty one for the front?) and to know how to do it myself next time.



  • Captain FagorCaptain Fagor Posts: 1,768
    Most shimano style barrel adjusters are located within the length of the cable outer. You can turn them and it seems like nothing much is happening, but look at the assembly closely and you'll see that "screwing in" the adjuster actually winds an internal piece outwards, thereby lengthening the cable. I'd expect to see one for each derailleur. If you're going to turn 'em, make sure you count the turns you make so that you can return things to the previous setting if required.

    The campag style adjusters are located at the ends of the cable outers, and normally thread into a head-tube or downtube braze on.
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