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I can't see the PTP sticky.

skutskut Posts: 371
edited July 2007 in Pro race
As per the subject line. It just says that "There are no posts for this topic".
Been like that since the migration... Any ideas?

EDIT: Don't panic. Worked it out now - It's just page 4 of the thread that doesn't work!


  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    The "jump to last post" link still doesn't work either on BikeRadar..............just takes you to the top of the last page.

    But I see them upstairs have been fiddling as we now have collapsible forum trees, which is a big improvement over having to scroll past all those awful mountainbikers :wink: .
  • timoid.timoid. Posts: 3,133
    Page 3 has the latest standings. Ignore the phantom page 4.
    It's a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don't quit when you're tired. You quit when the gorilla is tired.
  • afx237viafx237vi Posts: 12,630
    Yeah, there is no page 4 for some reason.
  • andypandyp Posts: 8,129
    Read it and weep! :lol::wink:
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