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south west wales

downhiller90downhiller90 Posts: 300
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From friday i will be on holiday, 3 days near cardiff will be trying to go to cwmcarn then. Any other areas people would reccomend?

After that we move onto somewhere in the south west of wales for 5 days, are there any good riding spots, allmountain/freeridey style? I don't know the name of where we are staying, but it is definetly west of Swansea, maybe a bit more to the north too.


  • Paulie WPaulie W Posts: 1,492
    You could try Brechfa which is NW of Swansea; about ten miles from Carmarthen at a guess. There's a good waymarked red route starting at Abergorlech, with a black route coming fairly soon. The red route has some good descents with some doubles, tabletops, etc and some very big berms towards the end. If you explore there are some pretty hardcore bridal path descents in the Brechfa Forest (essentially rocky chutes).

    Check here:
  • downhiller90downhiller90 Posts: 300
    I'm not looking for anything too hardcore. Are there chicken routes around the doubles?They give me the fear :cry:

    Is it a trail centre or just a route through the forest? Good car parking near by? Is there info locally about the place, ie leaflets and signposts?
  • Paulie WPaulie W Posts: 1,492
    It's not exactly a trail centre - like say Coed-y-Brenin or Glentress - but there's a car park and a decent pub in the village serving food (but not on a Monday as I recall).

    As I said, it's a waymarked, purpose built route and route maps can be downloaded from the website I gave you above.

    There are chicken runs around the doubles and tabletops: its not hardcore but it's not easy either! Its more technical than the XC route at Cwm Carn but not much more.
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