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I initially posted this in the gear section but htought it might be more appropriate in here.

I am in the market for a new bike and as a relative beginner I'm looking for some advice. I am currently the owner of a Specialized Allez Triple. It is being replaced soon. My initial thought was to get a 2008 Allez as I had no problems with the first one. However - I realised I should put a bit more thought into this rather than just getting the same again.

With this in mind I would appreciate some advice on what I should look for in choosing a new bike. I have around £500 to spend. I'm six foot and use my bike for both commuting and also some longer distance jaunts at the weekends in the region of 60 - 80 miles with a couple of longer (upto 130 miles) trips a year.

I am not a competitive cyclist and not particularly experieced. So should I stay with the good old Specialized or look at something like a Trek or Bianchi??

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    The Allez has a good name, and some would say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". On the other hand this is a great excuse to go round test riding a few of the competitors. You might find you like one of the others better after all.
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    Why change what you have?

    Just get the groupset upgraded.

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    what's wrong with what you have?

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  • Hi

    thanks for the replies.

    I'm happy with the Allez however its been crashed and written off - so as I'm getting a new bike I thought I'd open my eyes and rather than simply plump for the same just see if there is anything else worth looking at.
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    If my Allez got totalled I'd probably get another. I'd want a replacement bike as soon as possible, and I'd know I could order the Allez straight away without worrying about whether it would fit well etc - I could look at mail order/internet for better prices, not needing to try the bike first.

    This time of year could be a good time to get a deal on a 2007 Allez Sport, have you had a look around?
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    I got my 2007 Allez Sport Triple for £599 :lol:

    If it got totalled or stolen :evil:

    I'd get another

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