Fixed gear ratios in Bristol - Clifton?

Golden Steed
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Hi All,

Am moving from London to Bristol soon and would like to keep using my Pompino as much as possible.

Currently have a 72" gear but would like to know what folks use around that area as I don't expect this to be suitable. My commute will mostly be up and down the Whiteladies Road and then probably out to Sney Park, Henleaze or Westbury sort of area.


  • AndyGates
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    Ach, you'll be fine for that. It's the Gorge you have to worry about: taking a fixie up and down Park Street every day is *challenging*. Maybe go one tooth lighter on the back. Or get huge barrel thighs ;)
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    Hi, I do these routes regularly either on a fixed mtb approx 66" or on my road bike 72-75" . I seem to manage most hills around Bristol ok even if it means honking up them.
    Downhill runs are more tricky, as said in previous post Park street can be a nightmare for wayward pedestrians and car doors. Good to see more fixed riders in Bristol.

    Aidan Searle
  • graham_g
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    You and me both mate - I'll be moving to Bristol in November/December time and just scoping out where to live. Going down for the weekend in a few weeks with the bike for a mooch around; I'm currently about 69" and can flip to 65" which I expect to use! Always feel like I'm grinding too much when i get into the 70's as Birmingham isn't exactly flat, espeically to the west where I am.

    I'd agree with those points though - my grandparents used to live in Clifton and Whiteladies Road isn't bad at all.
  • Pete Beer
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    I live in Bristol. One of my bikes is 71" It'll cope with everything. I have't tried Nine Tree Hill or St Michaels but it's fine for Park Street, Ashley Hill etc. I also have a track bike with a 76" which is OK on tubs but really hard work when the clincher's are on. 71 should be spot on.
  • peejay78
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    i reckon a 72 will be fine on park street, i used to live near the top and i can get my fixed up highgate hill in london, so would definitely fancy my chances in a race past the wills building.
  • Thanks all - having looked at the area I think ill be ok to honk - the only thing i'm worried about is that im quite heavy and i have destroyed a frame at the bottom bracket from honking up hills in a big gear

    honk honk
  • AndyGates
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    peejay78 wrote:
    i reckon a 72 will be fine on park street

    You're stronger than me.

    I shall have to send my ninjas to kill you.
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  • peejay78
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    it's a misspent youth riding up the various climbs off the a377, including the beast of burrington and the col de chulmleigh.