Does anyone have a Ribble Winter trainer/audax bike?

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If you do, is it any good?

I'm thinking of getting one as my commuter/winter trainer/light touring bike.


  • schlepcycling
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    I have on as my commuting/winter bike and it's great. I bought just the frame and forks only though not as a complete bike and built it up with stuff I already had lying around. I did go for a size smaller that usual, a 54cm I usually ride a 56cm because I thought the top tube on the 56cm was very long and would have meant me having a very short stem.
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  • LangerDan
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    Much as Schlep said above. I bought one about 18 months - 2 years ago and it's been great. The paintwork is fairly poor but for just over £100 I won't complain. For a big-tubed alloy frame, its quite comfortable. As I have it, it won't win any prizes for light weight (Shimano 105 / Tiagra, dynohub, lights, 'guards, Zefal HPX, Turbomatic) - in fact its noticably heavier than my hardtail MTB, but its very comfy and I have no problems doing 100 mile spins.

    I am aware that many have had customer service issues with Ribble but I had no such difficulties. The only recommendation I'd make is to order well in advance. As Autumn sets in, their deliveries can be very protracted.
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  • OnTow
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    Sorry for going off-topic, but have you tried some of the other options...
    Condor Fratello (I love mine - in fact, I ride it in preference to the road bike quite a lot).
    Van Nic?