Advice needed !!

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Hi all

Im looking into getting a bike as i need to get some fitness back after a period of 3 or so years doing very little exercise, I am entered into the London Marathon for next year and i want to do cycling to cross train and get my base level of fitness, Im looking to do maybe 3 - 4 hrs a week at the moment but may do more. I will have a budget of around £400. Can you advise what would be best as im not looking to go off road and have seen road bike with flat and drop bars, and i am a bit confused can any of you help me?


  • Aidocp
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    Drop bars on a Road bike offer a more aerodynamic position and therfore easiers and offer more places for your hands so are more comfortable. There's probably more advantages to them but on the whole they're more fun.
    Having said that Ive got both (flats and drops) and I prefer the flats when I'm anywhere near the city, they offer better visibility in traffic.