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front mech indexing

stealthbikestealthbike Posts: 84
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On a road bike if my shimano brake/gear handle has a two click index does this automatically mean my front mech is fro a triple? i have a double chainring but my gearing has a two click index (ie three positions) is this set through the gearshifter handle or the front mech? ie if I have got the wrong front mech and I change it to a double will this stop the 2 click index (Idoubt it) how do i just make it click/index once??


  • ShavedlegsShavedlegs Posts: 310
    The two positions enable you to trim when riding either of the extreme end sprockets (of course than means you are probably on the wrong front ring).

    Eg. If you notice the chain rubbing the front derailleur when riding on the big chain ring and largest rear sprocket you can give the shifter a click and the middle ground should let the chain run freely.
  • That makes ense actually, thanks
  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    he's right

    also it;s the shifters that dictate the double / triple thing and confusingly the triple has 4 clicks (positions) for the same reason!
  • McBain_v1McBain_v1 Posts: 5,237
    Ashamed to say that I made the same assumption (3 clicks means I've been sold a triple) when I got my Dura-Ace chainset for my new bike. A quick call sorted that out however (I could hear the guy at the other end trying to stifle his laughter :oops: )

    What do I ride? Now that's an Enigma!
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