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Giant SCR C4 - Any opinions?

thebikelikerthebikeliker Posts: 66
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Hi, I'm thinking of getting a Giant SCR C4 as I will get discount using the cycle to work scheme. I currently ride a Dawes Audax with triple Shamano Tiagra chainset though I haven't used the granny ring for years. I usually ride 100 miles a week, 20 to work and the rest after work, a mixture of hills and flat, as a way of keeping fit.
I've wanted to get a more sporty bike and this is a chance for me to spend around £1,200 on a really good one.
Does the team think this is a suitable bike or is there something else out there that will be better for for me?
I'm 54yo, 6ft 1in, 13st 4lbs (though this is currently coming down with the good cycling weather here in Cumbria), and have ridden regularly for the last 15 years. I don't expect to suddenly become a racer but feel a fast bike would help me enjoy cycling even more.
My questions are:
Will the Giant SCR C4 be comfortable enough for long rides or is it likely to be too stiff a ride?
Is carbon easily damaged, there are potholes and cattle grids on some of the country roads and I don't want to have to replace expensive parts because of the knocks it will inevitably get?
I'd like to get this bike insured against damage, any recommendations for insurance companies?
Lastly, does anyone know where I can find a review of the Giant SCR C4? I've Googled it and looked on other sites but cannot find one.
Any advice will be gratefully received, TIA

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