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Anyone ridden a Genesis Altitude 1.0?

theviceofreasontheviceofreason Posts: 5
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OK, I've been lurking on here for a couple of weeks now as I try to choose my first bike in... a very long time. It'll get semi-slicks put on it for some commuting but I'm hoping to get out and take advantage of all the trails dotted about Scotland.

I thought I had it down to either the Carrera Fury or the Boardman Comp or waiting for the sales to see what I could snap up at my LBS, but now I spy a Genesis Altitude 1.0 for £600 at another local shop.

The Core bikes and the high-end Altitude seem to get good reviews but I haven't seen anything on this bike. Does anyone have any experience of it? Is the fact that it's steel and not aluminium an issue for any reason?

My last mountain bike is as old as the hills :roll: and I really don't know much about them. I can guess that given the price difference it beats the Fury, but if I'm prepared to up my budget, is this a better bike than the Boardman for more or less the same price?

All advice appreciated (and yes, of course I'll try it out - I think I'm going to drop by tomorrow).


  • Tried the Altitude today and I was quite impressed. My only reservation is that the fork doesn't have lock-out. You can adjust it so that it has barely any travel, though, so would that do the job for steep ascents?
  • Big n DaftBig n Daft Posts: 418

    Having had a look at the Genesis and owning a Fury,

    I think its fair to say that there isnt a stand out part on either bike that the other one hasnt got the equivalent of.....

    It's Shimano LX vs SRAM X-7 (pretty much the equivalent)

    Marzo's Vs U-Turn Toras, I'd actually say the Tora has the edge on spec.

    Looking at both bikes, the spec isnt that much different, makes it easier for you to pick though.

    Think this ones going to come down to try and see which one feels the best for you.

    The Boardman Comp @ £599 is a heck of a spec, they are however untested being a brand new range...there have been complaints about uncomfy seats but thats nothing £30 wont solve.
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  • Yep, I'm going to Halfords tomorrow for a shot of the Fury and the Boardman, then I'll make up my mind. I was impressed when I first saw the Boardman, but not being able to read much about it makes me unsure about buying one.

    The sales staff's attitude was so different too. The bike shop guy showed me a few bikes all on or under budget and when I asked if I should upgrade any parts, he said there was no point until they started wearing out. He also said it came with SPD pedals but he'd chuck in flats for me to start off with.

    The Halfords guy steered me away from the Fury to the Boardman (the top tube's a really cool shape) then tried to sell me SPD pedals before deciding it would actually be better if I just went for the £800 Team bike instead, since it came with them.
  • Big n DaftBig n Daft Posts: 418
    Fury comes with flats,

    You can get a great set of SPD pedals for no more than £30....

    Don't see the reasoning behind spending 200 more than you want for a bike that comes with them already fitted.

    Its about a 10 minute job to change them, if you are new to trail biking or returning after a while, i'd leave the flats on for now, at least you can get off in a rush! :lol:
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  • Well, I bought the Genesis today. I phoned round every Halfords I can reasonably travel to and none of them had the Boardman in my size. One had the Fury but it was in a box and it would be the middle of next week before they could assemble it.

    I see your reasoning on the components and stuff and I know I could have ordered in either bike but I just decided to take it as a sign and go back to my LBS, which has also given me 10 months' interest-free credit on the bike. It just felt right when I got on it, which seems to be the most important thing.

    I only had time for a quick blast along a nearby canal bank before work, but I'm off tomorrow and planning to get some mud on it. Thanks for your advice!
  • Big n DaftBig n Daft Posts: 418
    That is the biggest reason for buying a bike,

    'It just felt right'

    Good luck and enjoy!
    Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia. ~H.G. Wells ... 3Small.jpg
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