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Saris Bones

heatonriderheatonrider Posts: 109
edited August 2007 in MTB buying advice
Has anyone any experience of Saris Bones racks - if so what do u think?


  • jammieeeeejammieeeee Posts: 389
    I have not expierienced it but the magazines seem to love it
  • TicaboyTicaboy Posts: 314
    I have a blue/purple 3 bike Saris Bones, and it is the biz. It is a bit of a pain when first setting it up to fit your car the first time, but then it takes about 1 minute to attach it after that. It comes with stickers to put marks on the main body as to where each arm goes if you need to pack it down again for any reason which is a nice touch.

    HOWEVER, the buckles on the straps that attach the Bones to the car aren't the strongest I've used, so be sure to tie the straps in a not once you've tightened them all up. I also bought a couple of additional canvass straps (about £1 each from camping stores) to secure the handle-bars/wheels to stop them writhing around.

    It's not really suitable for GT (triple triangle) frames, but I get around this by putting the bike on upside down and using the seat post in stead of the seat tube (if that makes sense. Also, I imagine full-suspension frames may be a little tricky too, so be sure to investigate thoroughly before buying.

    Apart from a few small issues, I completely recommend them.
  • mba007mba007 Posts: 95
    I'm also interested in getting a Saris Bones, but my main concern is the need to wire up and install a lighting board. If you take the wheels off the bike does it uncover the reg. plate and lights, or is one stuck with the lighting board solution?

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