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Saris Bones

heatonriderheatonrider Posts: 109
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Has anyone used these racks - if so what do you think? I am too short to manage bikes on a roof rack and my car does not have a tow bar so looking at rear rack options.


  • winkywonkywinkywonky Posts: 228
    This is the only one I have used so it will be a biased review. I have found it spot on.It has adjusted to 3 different cars no problem. One issue that occurred on first use was one of the 'large' plastic screws that hold the arms in place cross threaded and just tighten as well as th e others. So far this hasn't affected the performance as it has been from Liverpool to Dundee a couple of times with no problems.

    The only other thing is to be aware that the handle bars will move as will the wheels, but you can use the left overs from horizontal straps to tie around these bits, on the first bike anyway!

    No matter how good it is I still get the 'freak' fear factor of the whole thing flying off at 70 mph anyway... :lol:
  • heatonriderheatonrider Posts: 109
    thanks for that
  • Just took mine to France on the ferry the other week. Very pleased with the rack, quick and easy to attach and folds up very neaty too.

    Feels really solid but tis a bit pricey, though you do get a lifetime guarantee.
  • TomFTomF Posts: 494
    I've got the 3 bike version. Bought online from Winstanleys for a 20% discount. So far, very good. It's taken my road bikes (separately - one alloy, one carbon; both fine) and MTB (two MTBs at a time - that's why I got the 3 bike version: it allows bulky bikes to be kept apart).

    Overall, dead easy to use, seems very secure (on the back of a Mazda MX5) with 6 straps and folds away nicely (fits into boot of said car).

    Agree about the "soft" plastic bolts (you'll see what we mean if you fget one). Just be careful not to overtighten.

    Buy one. Oh, and don't get grey like I did - get something bright like orange!
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