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Old peugeot

ButlerGButlerG Posts: 36
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I've been given an old (probably 70s') steel frame racer that may well be a Peugeot. It has Shimano Thunderbird gears with terrifying shifters that are mounted on the bar. The frame has been knocked about a bit but seems okay. WIth some spare wheels fitted and some bar tape and a new saddle I was thinking it would make a good singlespeed for getting in and out of town. I just wanted to check that I wasn't committing some terrible act of cycle vandalism-this isn't likely to have any value is it?


  • I have something similar - 1980s Peugeot Gentlemen 12 vitesses.

    Makes a lovely fixed wheel for commuting - I use it every day. Not very light, but very comfortable and surprisingly stiff despite the small diameter steel tubes. Mudguard clearance and possible to fit a rack. I've put a SON dynohub on mine with Solidlights.

    See the post (this forum) on 24 mm seatpins. Finally there is a solution as they have been impossible to find for these old Peugeots.

    Surely the value in an old bike like this is in its future use. Just convert it and ride.

  • peejay78peejay78 Posts: 3,378
    the 70s and early 80s peugeots are very popular conversions, judging by my commute.
  • ButlerGButlerG Posts: 36
    Both-many thanks for the advice. Will start work this weekend.
  • marmitecpmarmitecp Posts: 203
    Go for it, keep an eye on costs though. Its easy for it to get out of hand.

    Lots of advice on here too.

    Here's some before and after shots of mine. It's not quite finished yet. I've got a new chainring for it. The old one is nowhere near round enough.[email protected]/
  • ButlerGButlerG Posts: 36
    Nice bike-very similar frame but the paint on mine is in much worse shape. I know what you mean about the money- I just droped £35 on nothing-bar tape, a chain link extractor, brake pads etc. I see you kept the cassette/cogs-which chain rings are you using?
  • marmitecpmarmitecp Posts: 203
    Its a Shimano freewheel with a 42T chainring from hubjub. Getting chainrings of the correct pitch is difficult if using the original cranks.
  • ButlerGButlerG Posts: 36
    Good God-now I'm baffled. Where does pitch come in?

    I took the gears etc off and cleaned the chain etc and re-assembled it over the rear 15 tooth cog and the smaller front chain ring, lining them up by sight and tensioning the chain by pulling the wheel back in the drop outs. It runs okay, but I think the cranks will need replacing along with nasically everything else. The dabger is that I could spend more on it than it would have cost to but a Langster, Fuji or similar. The fork scrubbed up as chrome and has weathered the years much better than the frame's blue paint.

    Where did you get the decals?
  • peejay78peejay78 Posts: 3,378
    did you get it resprayed?

    looks nice.

    i was going to ask how you tensioned the chain, when i noticed "peugeot SS" underneath. doh.
  • marmitecpmarmitecp Posts: 203
    Sorry for the delay in replying; I'm, on honeymoon in Thailand at the moment with better things to do if you know what I mean

    Decals were from H Lloyds in Carlisle. The website is out of date, if you gib\ve them a call with what you're after, they can email a current list.

    Frame is 40 quid powder coat job, done with care though, so looks really good.

    Pitch is the distance between chainring bolts according to my LBS.

    The Langster I own will be going on eBay now I have the bike I wanted in the first place.

    Peejay, sloping rear dropouts, so will be run as fixed when I get the new chainring on. At the moment the chain is drum tight and 3cm of play in equal measures.

    Ah well, back to my Singha beer and the pool....
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