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im thinking of part maintaining my road bike, can anyone suggests which manual i should buy and which tools, i will be replacing brake cables and gear cables so will i also need a torque wrench to retighten the cable nut,


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    There's a number of books you can try or free internet manuals you can use.

    books - Haynes bicycle manual - I've got this, its ok but quite basic

    Zinn and the art of Road Bicycle maintanence - Heard this one is better/ More detailed


    Park Tools website

    Sheldon Brown website

    Shimano website - Technical manuals for all shimano components can be found here.

    As for tools, quality tools can be expensive and as such I've amassed mine over time, only buying a specific tool if I'm needing to use it. You can buy tool kits that will have all the tools you need in it, start at wiggle.com.

    As for torque wrenches I dont have one - I just make sure I dont over tighten delicate components - only using two fingers on the allen key for things like headsets etc. I believe for some high end components you'll invalidate the warrenty on them unless you use a torque wrench.

    I'd say the most important tool to get for working with cables is a dedicated cable and housing cutter.
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