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Buying new bike size issue

Rs1441Rs1441 Posts: 20
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I am buying a new bike for dirt jumping the frames are 15" small 15.5 medium 17 Large i am about 5 foot 7 i was just thinking a medium? just wonder what size i should be looking for thanks.


  • jammieeeeejammieeeee Posts: 389
    You really need to try the bike in a shop for size.

    Also which frames are you looking at as sizes can differ
  • Rs1441Rs1441 Posts: 20
    a Kona scrap and i was going to get it online so trying it might be a issue i was just thinking a medium it is only .5 inches bigger than my Current bike which i think is a small 15" i don’t know is a slightly smaller bike better for jumping haven’t had a lot of experience only been on one bike for a long time
  • teachermanteacherman Posts: 454
    Try and ride before you buy - that's more important than matching height to size! Salesman always want to sell me 18+ because i am 6 foot but i have short arms and feel too stretched out on anything much bigger than 17. It's a personal thing.

    Good luck
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