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At risk of sounding very stupid, what is going on with campag chainsets?
How can it be that a perfectly good (excellent) chainset made of alloy, can be sold for 70 quid today when last year it was sold for 200 quid?

Is it really true that the carbon jobbies that campag are pushing now are 4 times better than the alloy jobs that they were pushing last year?
Is carbon a fad?


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    rovers69 wrote:
    Is carbon a fad?
    Yes (but steel is real)
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    You ansered you own question... they're flogging off the old models because the many gullible will buy the new, having been convinced by glossy marketing and cheating stage racers that its better. 4 x better apparently.
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    It's what always happens when a range is replaced. The old stock has to be got rid of. Make mine a 2003 Chorus :)
    BTW, I think carbon is here to stay, but I don't like the way it looks. Bike parts should be polished alloy [with an allowance for purple anodising]. Death to Zip. Death to black components!
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    4x better? Eh? What does that mean?! 4x more expensive, or 4x stiffer, or 4x lighter?
    I seem to recall from my catalogue surfing days last year that they were no lighter - have they got better?

    Do Shimano offer a carbon crankset yet?
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    Also, don't forget that Campag brought in their new style of double chainset and matching and bottom bracket for '07, so the older square-taper type are effectively 'old hat' in the eyes of the cycle trade and being offered at lower prices simply to clear the stocks. This doesn't apply to triple chainsets, mind, where Campag are still using the traditional BB set-up.

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