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Headset Query

boff123boff123 Posts: 6
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Finally given up on getting account across from Cycling plus and reregistered....

I have a frame with a threaded headset that has a quill adaptor fitted.

On the top of the adaptor is a cap. The cap and therefore the stem spacers are held securely in place by a long screw (about 6ins long) that goes from the cap down into some kind of nut in the headset.

I unscrewed the cap to fit a stem but I can't now reattach the screw to this nut in the headset. So cap and spacers not secure.

Any ideas how I reattach this screw to headset so cap is held securely?

Thanks - Paul


  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    edited July 2007
    Fit a new star fangled nut into the stem adapter.

    OOOOPS. Perhaps not.
  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    edited July 2007
    Do you have a quill stem to aheadset adapter similar to this?

    If so, you have probably unscrewed the adapter's expander bolt right out of the wedge shaped expander - this has probably now fallen down to the bottom of the threaded fork steerer tube. Pull the adapter right out of the steerer tube and either turn the bike upside down and try to shake the expander wedge out, or push up from bottom of forks with a piece of wire if your fork steerer is open at base.

    Re-assemble the expander wedge and bolt onto the adapter, and re-insert into the fork steerer.
  • boff123boff123 Posts: 6
    That must be what has happened. Did not fit adapter myself so didn't know that's what would happen when unscrewed the expander bolt.

    Will give it a go.

    Thanks a lot.
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