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Garmin Edge 305 Speed/Cadence sensor

magliacelestemagliaceleste Posts: 748
edited July 2007 in Workshop
Hello all.

I share my Garmin Edge 305 amongst several bikes and am looking to get a cadence sensor for my main road bike.

Does anyone know if I have the cadence sensor option fitted to just one bike, whether I will still get a speed measurement (i.e. measured from Satellite) if I'm riding a bike without the sensor fitted, or do I have to faff around disabling the option before setting out on a ride.



  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    yep - itll be fine.

    I use mine between my road and mountain bike and if it doesn't 'find' the cadence sensor it still provides a speed using GPS.
  • Thank you. I thought it would but wanted to check.
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