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Firstly, good work on the site. I think this site is the best looking bike related site on the internet at the moment.

The only things I have found missing so far are options for members (think control panel). For example there are no options to:

1. Hide or unhide your email address (I think that's fairly critical - had I know it was available to all, I'd have used a temporary address!)
2. Retrieve your user name and or password if you've forgotten them
3. Subscribe or unsubscribe from newletters, mailings etc using a control panel

I'd also like the ability to be able to edit my posts, it works OK on other forums like MTBR, although opinions are often mixed on this subject.



  • nicklouse
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    go to the front page of the forum and topish left there is your profile button.

    you can turn your mail addy off.
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  • Thanks nicklouse!

    Only 2 + 3 then.
  • Yorkshireman
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    Thanks nicklouse!

    Only 2 + 3 then.

    Number 2 might be available on Login (not sure if it's the one right at the very top r/h corner or the one at the r/h top of the forum bit ).
    Number 3 is available as an option in your Profile (but I don't see an option to refuse mailings "from our partners" etc) . Hope I'm right with that :?
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  • It's getting better. You can edit your posts now.

    Good work people!
  • number 2 is/was available when I logged with an invalid name. Type any letter and press enter.