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Giant XTC 4.5 v XTC SE

Pete-CPete-C Posts: 353
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Apart from the fork, are there any differences between the XTC 4.5 and the XTC SE ?
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  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    The newer 4.5 has a more racy ,rather than trail orientated frame geometry,and as you noticed the forks on the newer 4.5 have 80mm rather than 100mm travel.The new frame has aboxier profile too,and is stiffer which is not always a good thing for comfort.
    MBR rated last year's bike as 10/10.This year's bike,the 4.5 only got 6/10.
    Other than that they have a similar spec as the 4.5 was the succesor to the SE.If the SE is cheaper and fits,buy it.

    Good frame to build/upgrade on to.I have a 2006 XTC SX,which has the same frame.
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