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the spanish armada

bipedalbipedal Posts: 466
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I've never really bought into the two speed peloton stuff, but there are a hell of alot of spaniards in the top 20

40 spaniards started (20% of the field)
6 in the top 10
10 in the top 20


  • skutskut Posts: 371
    They are a major cycling nation. Also, one of the teams has a Basque only employment policy, which skews the numbers slightly, I expect.

    Having said that, I don't entirely disagree with you that it's a bit suspect
  • off the backoff the back Posts: 168
    But to be fair they only do week long stage races in Spain. There are censored all 1-day races. So there riders are brought up on tough hilly 1 week plus stages races. This is a major contributing factor. Outside of that they have a cycling fed with about as much bite as a sardine!
  • NazNaz Posts: 353
    But think of the top 10/20 before Astana (Kloden/Vino/Kaschechkin etc)/Rasmussen got kicked out. More of a mix then (but still prescious few French/Italians in GC contention).
  • ricadusricadus Posts: 2,379
    Some of the Italian riders don't do the Tour in addition to the Giro, or if they do it is too soon after the Giro to be competitive, so that might also skew the figures in favour of another strong cycling nation.
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