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bike bag on train

cannonfoddercannonfodder Posts: 183
edited July 2007 in Commuting chat
I've got to get a new bike from Kings Cross up to Hatfield on Wednesday evening. If I put it in a bike bag does that make it any easier to get it on the train?( I think the rules on bikes change after 7 in the evening...) I guess it doesn't make it luggage.

Its just that I dont trust any info that the train companies give out about getting bikes on and off trains


  • RufusARufusA Posts: 500
    Assuming you'll be travelling with First Capital Connect you can't take a bicycle on a train that departs London between 16:00 and 19:00 on a weekday.

    Outside of that time you should be allowed to take a bike, but this is subject to there being available space. In effect provided you arrive within plenty of time for departure, and cancelled trains haven't caused severe overcrowding you'll be fine.

    Bike bag wise, provided you can fit a bike in to a bag that one person is able to carry, and it doesn't exceed 1m in any one direction, and it doesn't cause an obstruction, then you are able to take it at any time. Again arrive at the train early and try and find a place for it where it doesnt cause an obstruction, and you'll be fine.

    Hatfield is only 20 odd miles from Kings Cross, so if all else fails you could always cycle it ;-)

  • cannonfoddercannonfodder Posts: 183
    Thanks very much for the info, Rufus.

    Yeah I really should just ride it the moment I'm wimping out as I don't know London and it'll be be my first ride on a fixed
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