Torn between two options...

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...just wanted to guage the views of my fellow cyclists. Am about to take the plunge and get a half decent bike and have narrowed it down to two options (I appreciate there are dozens of others but I have to start somewhere!)

Option 1...2006 Cannondale Six13 used, but in mint condition, Shimano Ultegra £1000

Option 2...Brand new Planet X Superlight Carbon with Ultegra (I can spec the groupset) £999

There you go - I'd really welcome some thoughts on the options. It seems the C'dale is a fabulous carbon frame with huge upgrade potential, but I am tempted by the shiny black carbon of Planet X and the reviews seems great so far too! Am not really into Aero bars yet, just looking for a nice £1000 bike to learn the ropes and get fit with...

Not easy having so much choice...

Thanks - Simon


  • McBain_v1
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    A difficult one... but since I hate Carbon Fiber bikes (too plasticky) I'd recommend "None of the Above" and suggest you get a lovely Titanium one instead :lol:

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  • I got an interesting view from a sales guy in one of the shops i go to. He basically said that if your gonna buy a full carbon rig, you really need to have something to train on as well, so that you can keep the carbon rig for racing.
    He was making the point that a spill on an aluminium frame isnt the end of the world, but a carbon frame isnt made for any kind of rough stuff
    After saying that, ive test ridden the Cannondale and loved it
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    The Cannondale without doubt.
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    I've got a full carbon 'dale (Synapse though, nothing as sweet as a Six13!) and I have no issue with using it as my all day training bike... especially as I can't afford 2 road bikes!

    Difficult as personally I'd prefer to know what the bike has been through, probably more so with carbon... BUT the Six13 will be a beautiful bike to ride (and own!).

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    If its mint and it fits, the Cannondale. Lovely frames.
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  • The Cannondale for me. I see Evans are still selling the Six13 2006 for £1400 but that's brand new. As others have said, depends on the condition. Sounds like a good deal.