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Coast to Coast - Gary fisher Marlin E or Commencal combi?

dazldazl Posts: 3
edited August 2007 in MTB buying advice
I just managed to complete the coast to coast last year on a Revolution bike, I really struggled on the hills and would like to buy something that would make this years journey a little easier..
My budget is about £350, so far I've come with The Gary fisher E reduced to £299 or the Commencal Combi £329 which of these bikes would be best for a route like the coast to coast, and are there any better buys at this price range..?


  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    The Mongoose Tyax Elite is well worth a look at £280.

    It has a damped fork, which will improve the ride & not behave like a pogo stick every time it rebounds.
  • russ0228russ0228 Posts: 228
    to be frank i don't really see why a new bike is going to be any different "on the hills" what do you mean by this, was off road the struggle, or was it the road bit or was it more than likely you fitness side of things. maybe you need a smaller granny ring maybe you need faster tyres for the road or maybe you need to be well fitter.
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  • dazldazl Posts: 3
    Thanks for your replies, obviously I understand fitness is a huge factor on the c2c and i'm out training every weekend, my current bike a revolution pathfinder is very heavy and has 21 gears, I was thinking something a little lighter with a few more gears may help ease the pain...!
  • Father FaffFather Faff Posts: 1,176
    I think the Commencal Combi got good reviews as being a fun bike to ride - which always helps!
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