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FSA pig headset notch

lachomanlachoman Posts: 371
edited July 2007 in MTB workshop & tech
I just stripped my bike to give it a good clean and grease. I stripped my heaset, degreased, and regreased using finishline teflon grease. The black annodisation had rubbed through on the cups where the bearings lie but there was no irregularity or excessive wear. So i reassembled the front end and when I turned the forks there was a kind of lumpy feeling. I loosened off the top cap thinking i'd just overtightened it but it didnt really go away and the forks judder under braking now so its too loose. Its not majorly noticeable when riding buts its kind of annoying because its not very old and has been kept very greasy so should work perfect. Is this just in the nature of loose bearing headsets or should i think about replacing it with the pig pro?
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