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sicknewtsicknewt Posts: 181
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Hi all,

Looking for some tyres for my mtb for the ride to work - all on road...

I'm looking at:

Tioga City Slicker II (pair for £20)

Tioga Factory FS100 (look cool, but heavy and £18 each)

DMR Moto RT Tyre 9 (pair for £32)

Maxxis Hookworm (again, look cool but heavy and cost £25 each)

Michelin Country Rock (£8 each)

Anyone used any of these and got opinions? I'd like to use them summer and winter so I need something with a bit of tread...



  • russ0228russ0228 Posts: 228
    specialized hemisphere tyres w/armadillo casing. hard wearing, puncture proof and all year road use, nuff said
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  • Norco_HuckerNorco_Hucker Posts: 170
    Kenda K-Rad??? Rt's are sooooo fast!!!
  • schawlbe 'land cruisers' They are great tyres and have puncture resistance built in. I have a set that i use which are ..26'. x1.95. You cannot beat these tyres low rolling resistance due to a raise center piece. Grips on the outside in case you get in mud!!!

    If you are commuting steer clear of full mountain tyres, always use this type of tyre and you will be pleased. Another is the specialized crossroads ex which is available in 26' and 700c size also,. these too have puncture resistance

    Hope this helps

  • fozyfozy Posts: 47
    What about the Conti Sport Contacts £30 a pair, very fast kevlar tyres, ideal for the road!!
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  • sicknewtsicknewt Posts: 181
    fozy, what are they like in the wet???
  • GEAX BARRO's are well good (£28 a pair from chainreactioncycles). if u put them on the rim one way, they are great for speed and good for traction, and if u turn them around they are great for traction and good for speed. i got a pair and they are great, would highly reccomend them to u. 10/10

  • stu8975stu8975 Posts: 1,334
    Maxxis detonators...1.5"....soooooooooper fast...used them through the winter for commuting to work and back.£24 pair from chainreaction
  • ukcraigbukcraigb Posts: 113
    With regards to the Conti Sport Contacts (they come with free inner tubes as well btw), I use them evreyday (to commute on, all on road) they are indeed very fast.

    There not too bad in the wet (I've been riding in the driving rain before) but take it easy on the cornors, I've have them step out on me now and again if your taking the Michael, but I think thats to be expected

    Other than that great tyres, highly recommend them.
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