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Hi all, was recently riding when i heard a loud clunk, i checked all my spokes etc. and nothing was wrong, then I found that my bike was constantly changing between two gears and now the chain is unable to reach the largest gear ring, how do I fix this, before i break something els!?!


  • JustRidecp
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    Sounds like your rear mech needs simple adjustment. Follow the instructions on this link and you'll be back to smooth shifting in no time.
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  • Spud123
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    still not worked!
  • nicklouse
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    chech the mech hanger for alignment.

    something could hit/caught the mech (the chain could have caused some movement in it).

    but your problem sounds like a hanger problem if the stop screws are ok and if the tension in the cable is ok.
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  • Spud123
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    Hanger??? how do i fix???