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Wheel weights.

jammieeeeejammieeeee Posts: 389
edited August 2007 in XC and Enduro
I have a rockhopper 05, the wheels that originally came with it didn't last long. I now have a pair that my brother had lying around. They have Sun Blackeye rims the rear hub is a Shimano Disc FH-M475 and the front an unbranded from kona. The spokes are standard stainless steel.

I have Nutrak Butyl Lightweight tubes off chain reaction and Conti Vertical 2.3 tyres Protection version).

I am just wondering how much weight i could save by spending around 120 quid on new wheels. And in time maybe buy lighter tyres? Would i be able to get a significant performance increase?

I really don't want to sacrifice too much strength to save weight, only the bike is starting to feel a bit sluggish in terms of acceleration.

Thanks Guys.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    You could save a fair chunk with XT hubs, 717 rims, and say a lighter tyre of your choice. The weights can be found easily on google if you do a quick search if you want the exact saving. The rims are about 100g lighter a piece, and probably a 100-150g saving in the hubs in total. Conti Verts Pro are about 610g or so, so good scope to lose another 100 per tyre.
  • davaomx5davaomx5 Posts: 36
    was wondering... wats the difference between regular tires & For Race Use only tires? ... rid=184540
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Race use tend to have a very thin case and tread, and wear quickly. Dont expect a long lifespan! maxxis minotaur is about the lightest at 320g, Conti Twister Supersonic not far behind. A good durable kevlar beaded trail tyre can be had for 500g.
  • davaomx5davaomx5 Posts: 36
    got that... but these can still b used as regular tires.... at ur own risk & xpense... tnx
  • jammieeeeejammieeeee Posts: 389
    Thanks for the responses supersonic, XT hubs have cup and cone bearings, are these a good idea, i had been led to believe that sealed or cartridge bearings were better?

    Also are Mavic 717's tough or would 719's be a better option?

    The budget was is not designed to include tyres as i have some maxxis ignitors in 1.95 witha kevlar bead which are lighter than the conti's.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Cup and cone and cartridge each have their advantages - but it also comes down to quality of production of the bearing and races which is very good on XT. Loose bearings can also take more load.
  • jammieeeeejammieeeee Posts: 389
    What are the individual advantages of the different bearing types?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Basically, a cartridge bearing can be knocked out and replaced without damaging the hubs insides, as a loose bearing runs on the inside. however they dont usually last as long, and are more expensive to replace. LX and up in the Shimano range are well made, well sealed and often need little servicing. For may conveniance is the deciding factor, but I find loose bearings more durable.
  • jammieeeeejammieeeee Posts: 389
    So even the XTR hubs have cup and cone bearings??
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    They certainly do! Extremely high quality too.
  • jammieeeeejammieeeee Posts: 389
    Well that is intersting. Would Shimano XT hubs with XM 719 rims and DT competition spokes take a fair bit of abuse then?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Absoultely. You hardly see any failed Shimano hubs due to loads and stress.
  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    I recently serviced my rear deore M525 hub.Hardly any wear at all and the grease still looked fresh,after a year's riding,so I can vouch for the sealing and durability on Shimano hubs.As a point of refence,I weighed my wheels,the rear which is Deore with a Mavic XM317,was 1200g and the front was 1000g.Swapping to XT hubs and 717s would save approx 200g on the complete wheelset.

    Take a look at this months WMB mag,for itests and weights on hubs and rims.

    Your tyres would be heavy,but depending on whereyou ride,you might find the extra protection useful.

    However have you considered lighter tyres and running them tubeless?

    I reckon you could save 100g per tyre easily by a tyre swap,and a further 100g per wheel if you ran them tubeless? Plus you would get all the other benefits of running tubeless such as better ride,traction and virtually no punctures.

    If you want something faster rolling,Conti Spped kings are lighter still,especially if you go for the supersonic version,which is 400g per tyre.

    Take a look on for excellent wheel deals.
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  • jammieeeeejammieeeee Posts: 389
    What rims would you reccommend:

    Mavic 717 Disc 400g
    Mavic 719 Disc 460g

    (or either of the above in v-brake i run discs thought)

    Or maybe DT 5.1's for a little more strength 500g
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    717 for XC
    719 for harder riding
    5.1 as the 719
  • jammieeeeejammieeeee Posts: 389
    how much stronger will the 5.1 be over the 719 disc.

    I think i might be a bit rough for the 717.
  • jammieeeeejammieeeee Posts: 389
    Anyone, what is the difference?
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,609
    Merlin bikes have some great deals on wheels. I had 717s on Deore hubs - very good.
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