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steve134steve134 Posts: 20
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Just ordered tyax elite and tyax elite comp disc for me and mrs from lbs.. really helpful guys
cant wait be with us at the end of august :D So much better than the censored we have now halfords apollo and an old saracen. Does any one have any thoughts on these bikes?? ... e%2007.jpg ... qqi93hbji1


  • pdrolopdrolo Posts: 127
    I have had aq tyax elite for around 2 weeks now.....see my thoughts and pictures in the photos section of

    I must admitt at first I wondered if I had brought the right bike, the fork was bouncing all over the place - and the bars seemed to wide. But I have just returned from holiday - where I was able to sneak the odd ride, practising going down steps and steep but short banks ....I love the bike now .....still need to get to grips with the fork settings so you might want to get the lbs to show you this ...the supplied instructions aren't great.

    My brother wants a tyax elite now ? - any idea of the cheapest place ?
    Roadie with an MTB
  • steve134steve134 Posts: 20
    There pretty much the same price everwhere £279 but 08 bikes are out in sept so see if you can get some last min deals..
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