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Bob Marley

jibijibi Posts: 857
edited July 2007 in The bottom bracket
BBC4 Now

what a great night for Marley fans



  • NoodleyNoodley Posts: 1,725
    Cheers George. I was just about despairing over what to have on as background noise tonight, now I am happy for an hour :D
  • jibijibi Posts: 857
    is that Tosh or junior on lead?

    Rita and the 3 I's, great stuff

    Hard to believe it was 30 years ago

  • NoodleyNoodley Posts: 1,725
    how bizarre is that !!

    watching the Arena documentary about Marley and up pops a clip from the Queen's Silver Jubilee tour - in my home town, and I remember being there wondering what all the fuss was about and why I couldn't get to Woolworths! I bet if I had taped it I would have been able to spot myself :lol:
  • I'm so old I was there when they filmed it, in the left hand seat near the middle!!!..... so was Johny Rotten and all the London Punk scene! It was Junior Murvin on lead. Great memories, wonderful times ah etc etc etc old man remembering and boring the youngsters!

    You can buy the DVD of the concert, all BBC4 was doing was showing that. Me I actually prefered Culture 2 7's Clash (again just re-released re-mastered, well worth buying!).
  • pigmanpigman Posts: 76
    missed it .. anyone know if its to be repeated . and when
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