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just like to say hello to everyone, i have been commuting to work every other day for about 12 weeks now its about 10 miles each way (Wallington to Bromley) I have seen my speed increase from 9mph Avg to 12mph Avg and very much would like to improve upon this (who wouldn't :oops: ) I am riding a Claude butler urban sport levante, which i got from a friend for £100 (2004 model i think) and yes i am looking to get a road bike
And now for some newbie questions......which new bike ...no no only joking :lol:
I am reading a lot about Heart Rate Monitors and other such things, would buying something like this help to improve my speed and train better oh btw I am 42 years young, and would cycling shoes really help at this stage or can they wait (yes ok i don't want to fall off my bike just yet :D )
well thanks for reading this post and thanks for any replies and advice


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    A road bike would make the biggest difference to your speed.

    I'm not sure how valuable a HRM would be for someone fairly new to cycling. The advice usually given is to just get some miles under your belt, and if you get a road bike, join a local club. They usually have social/slower rides for beginners, and there will likely be a wealth of knowledge and advice that could help you improve.

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    thanks for the advice
    the bike i'm riding is like a road bike but with flat bars (700cc wheels) would a road bike really make the much difference ?
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    i know th ebike you're riding, and it's fairly light and quick.

    a road bike - albeit one that costs a bit more and is a bit sprightly, could make a big difference, but i don't think you need one yet. getting fit on your CB makes good sense.
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    The levante looks like it should do you for a while, I got an urban 500 a little over a year ago and have come a long way since then. By next spring I'll have a road bike though. The things that helped me the most were getting a computer with cadence (Astrale 8), and going clipless - I use SPDs so I can walk in them. As we don't have great long hills here on the Wirral, canging the cassette from 11-32 to 14-25 made a huge difference as I can keep my cadence @95 +/- 5 more accurately. A carbon flat bar and carbon seat post were tweaks to improve the ride.

    My average speed has gone from 12mph to 18mph and I do a lot more hills now too.

    Have fun
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    Forget a HRM, you can feel when it's pumping!

    Maybe fit SPDs to the bike you have now?

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