Dawes Kalahari Versus the Karakum? Mens for Women!

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I have a Dawes mens 19" Kalahari but of late have been considering purchasing a Dawes Kara kum. Have recently put butterfly bars on my current bike which has made cycling more of a pleasure again. Could anyone advise as to whether the Kara kum is a sound cycle and is it really that much of a better build quality?
If it is I'd better get saving!! :roll: :shock:
Thanks to anyone who posts a reply :)


  • supersonic
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    It is a touring bike you are after right?
  • Hi thanks for your reply. I am looking for a comfortable bike which is suitable for say 50 mile plus but not causing too much neck strain. Tourer I thought would be good. My Kalahari is excellent but when both my Altura Urban panniers are on the bike and full with shopping ye old bike do tend ta wobble a wee bit. :shock: Rather fancy the Kara Kum but so far have found it terribly expensive. I am looking for a very good deal! :wink:
  • supersonic
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    You may be better off with a Sports hybrid bike from the likes of giant. The spec of the Kara Kum doesnt look that good at all for the money, and the parts (ie the headset) are somewhat under par.

    Something like this?

    Giant FCR

    Very light (i'm guessing 8-10 pounds less than the Dawes!), certainly an option, though panniers may be a problem.
  • My other thought was to convert my Giant Terrago disc as it feels sometimes a smoother ride. Gears 27 which is better all I thought may be a problem is the handlebars as I may prefer them higher for comfort. And of course to buy a new longer touring rear rack for panniers for foot clearnce.
    Thanks again, Helen 8)