Where can I find a selection of ladies bikes for my gf

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Ive been searching all day for ladies bikes for my girlfriend. We are planning a cycling holiday next month but I cant find many bikes at all on the web.

Her budget is £300-350 which obviously isnt huge. As we are planning the alps the bike needs to be reasonably lightweight.

Also will be Trek 1500 aluminium be ok to take panniers?


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    Does she want a road bike? You will really struggle to find one for that kind of money though. Evans have a good list of womens road bikes


    I wouldn't suggest buying it there though.

    As for the Trek, you can carry panniers but you will need p-clips, you will also have to be careful not to carry too much.
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    Yeah we seem to be struggling a littel at that price range although Ive seen a Lemond Etape womens for £400 which looks a very good bike but yet to find it in a 54/56 as she is 5' 61/2". If I can find one for £400 we will go for that. Thanks for the clip link
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    Unless your girlfriend is particularly petite there's no reason to limit her to just women specific bikes.

    I'm 5'4" so actually under the average women's height and got properly fitted for a bike and all the bikes suggested were mens. I'm currently looking at the Giant SCR 1.0 in a 46.5 frame which they call a men's Small

    My advice would be to get sized up, either with bikefitting or chatting to experienced guys in the bike shop, get her sat on lots of different bikes both men's and womens and see which ones feel comfiest.
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    AT 5'6" she'll have no probs with men's bikes
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    Might need modifications though, such as a slightly shorter stem, narrower handlebars (38 or 40 cm instead of the usual 42 or 44 cm that mens bike have as standard).
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    Check out the edinburgh bicycle coop. Their own brand bikes 'Revolution' are very well spec'ed for the money. I don't own one myself but have read good reviews about them.

    http://www.edinburghbicycle.com/ebwPNLq ... 155c002908
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    I am 5ft6/7 and I bought a gents bike on sat. I was told that I am long in the leg so the saddle is rather high but the frame size is 53.

    Get her this bike

    http://www.awcycles.co.uk/category/Bike ... index.aspx

    Where are you guys based? I would recommend going to this shop as they will ensure that the bike is set up to her measurements and she has teh right kind of pedals on it etc.

    If your budget is a big issue for you then you cant go wrong with the entry level Giants.
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    Agree that the Giant SCR 3 Womens is the one to go for. My wife started off on a 2006/7 model which we paid £450 for, I'm sure you'd get one of these for £350 or damn close to it now because the '08 models are coming soon. The bars are narrower as women tend to not have as broad shoulders as the men. Your ladyfriend may be able to get away with a mens bike but there are slight differences with geometry, crank size and above mentioned bars.
    http://www.tenbycycles.co.uk/bikes-detail.asp?id=537 saw this for example.
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    Good discounts here:

    http://www.leisurewheels.co.uk/products ... oad_bikes_

    I was wondering about this too as I want to get one for my girlfriend - thanks for the tip on a Giant, one company I forgot to check on.
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    Graham I've added a link to a site I find by Googling Giant SCR3 Womens. Some good deals to be had on them. Might be worth trying one before buying as Giant tend to have a different way of measuring there frames to other manufacturers.
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    Thanks for all the response, we went to evans on Saturday and found the 51cm Specialised Dolce fit very well. We were going to buy from there before seeing it £50.00 cheaper at leisurewheels on the net so we ordered it there instead. Ufortunately they contacted the following day saying they no longer had the bike advertised in stock. And the 08 model cost quite a bit more but luckily we found the same bike for £400 again at cyclestore.co.uk. So I'd recommend this place. Delivery is free.

    We just need to find some small panniers now to ensuer our feet dont hit them due to the smaller wheelspan of a road bike compared to a tourer.