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I think I need panniers. Most of the time I ride to work with a small rucksack, which is fine. But one or two days a week I carry a heavier load.

What do I need to do be able to get my load carried over the bag wheel?

I'm going to be buying quite a bit of stuff from wiggle tomorrow so I want to take advantage of the 20% off. ... 20Panniers

What do I need to attach this to the bike? At most I carry a laptop, a set of clothes and some food. I only do 6miles carrying the stuff, so is this entry level pannier fine?
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  • Hey Dragon!

    I too have found that my backpack has gotten to be a bit much for the ol back. I looked at a couple of different types. I settled on Topeak. They are a little pricey, but I liked the rack because it has a quick release so if I am going to just do a ride from the house on the weekend or in the evening, it is a quick change. Here is the link to this rack. ... B000CO71A6

    Note: I did not buy from Amazon

    You can put a couple different configurations of bags on this. I chose this one. ... 75-7309535

    The panniers are zip in/out. So if I find the top bag is enough, I don't use them. I am in the USAF stationed in Italy. I ride about 9 miles each way. I keep my uniform at work. So I am just taking my towel, underclothes and breakfast/Lunch. It should work great. The Topeak brand is a little more expensive, but I am planning on getting some use out of it. They bags have some good reviews.

    In addition to those two items, you will also need the side frame... ... 75-7309535

    Again, I didn't buy from Amazon. I went with Mistake. I wouldn't buy from them again. Although they have the best price on this group... I only paid $111 US, I am still waiting for it; going on 5 weeks.

    What ever you end up buying, let me know what you think of it.

    CK :D
  • h i r 0h i r 0 Posts: 76
    I got this rack (TorTec Tour)

    and this pannier (Altura Urban Dryline 17")

    I carry my laptop, power supply, lunch, shirt, waterproofs (if it's not raining) and assorted junk to work. It's never leaked even in the heaviest rain. The bag mounts diagonally on the frame for increased room at the heel, and even with my size 11s I rarely touch the bag with my shoe. The laptop compartment has a removeable, padded, zip-able inner, with a handle. It's all very well made with massive rubber corners on it to protect the contents. I've spotted no loose seams or missed stitches.

    The bag mounts with a really easy drop-in system, and has a big red button to release that's not fiddly even with freezing cold fingers. It's fairly well clipped in at that point, although the fittings do need re-adjusting every now and then. It's never fallen off, although if you hit a curb a bit hard, or drop off a high curb then the lower clip can slip outside the rack, but even then it's still well attached enough to not cause a panic. This is usually the first indication that the fittings need re-adjusting as it's been allowed to slide at the top a little.

    The fittings can be covered with a roll-up / zip-down flap, that, while not exactly luxurious, at least keeps the mud and wet off your back when you shoulder the bag. The strap is long, extendable, unclippable and well padded.

    Can't recommend it enough. Managed to get work to pay for it too which was a bonus.
  • domtylerdomtyler Posts: 2,648
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    The TorTec Expedition is a great rear rack, bombproof. As are Ortlieb panniers.

    Neither are the cheapest available, but then they will still be in service ten years from now.

    BTW, I normally bring in all my gear to work once every week or two, shirts, trousers, towel, food, water etc. it all fits in my 40 Litre panniers. Then the rest of the week I don't need to worry about it, just my wallet, keys and a sandwich in my jersey pockets. Saves a lot of time mucking around in the mornings.
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  • Yellow CliffYellow Cliff Posts: 231
    For a rack you would ideally have braze-ons (well, OK, they are usually not brazed on now) for a rack - so that you can screw it directly to the frame. If you don't have these, you could use p-clips (as I do) or there is also a tubus quick release bracket out there. Can email links if these are necessary.

    For a rack I would recommend one with a fitting for a rear light (some don't have them and it can be a real hassle to mount a light which is actually visible if this is the case). I also like the racks with a "dog-leg" design - this is an extra strut which supports the pannier further back on the bike (so instead of 2 struts on each side, you have 3) - this helps to avoid a fairly empty pannier from sloshing about and striking the spokes. The Tourtec one looks fine to me. Bear in mind that if you buy one with hollow oversized tubes (10 mm), your pannier might not fit on it - so check!!!

    I like a single pannier or a rack pack (the Altura expanding rack pack is good, although you wouldn't get a laptop in there). I personally never use a triple pannier and find that there is plenty of room in either the single pannier or rack pack. I take clothes etc each day, but I find this doesn't take up too much space - see what you like doing.
  • reefmanreefman Posts: 14
    Try SJS cycles they sell deta panniers 14.5 ltr capacity,similar build to ortileb but much cheaper. I use one and a Tortec panier rack for commuting.
  • Yellow CliffYellow Cliff Posts: 231

    Probably - there is no mention of the rack having oversized tubes so I guess that it will have the standard ones which are fine with all panniers.
  • andrewc3142andrewc3142 Posts: 906
    I've used a backpack (sticky, hate it), a pannier (space but heavy) and a rack bag (good but heavy since it needs a rack, as suggested by the name).

    Each person is different, but the perfect solution for me is a Carradice Slim, fitted by an SQR block. Since I leave suit, shoes, etc at work, I can fit all I need, takes A4 documents, it's reasonably light, totally waterproof and has the bonus it keeps some of the wet and dirt off your back. Also, with a second SQR block I can swap it onto my mountain bike.
  • Forgot to mention if you spend over £50. you get an additional 10% off.
  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    I hate panniers, riding seems more clunkier now, they seem to make a less enjoyable ride.
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