Just got my Giant FCR 2......

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Hi all,
After the dissapointment of one of the wettest cricket seasons on record, I decided to get fit another way, and buy a bike. Did a bit of research, and plumped for the above bike. I must say the service received from cyclestore.co.uk has been excellent and the bike arrived next working day from them, despite the flood disruption. Have only done a handful of miles so far,but the bike feels great, so much lighter than anything else I have ridden before, just afew tweaks here and there needed to get it working perfectly. I guess many people on here think that he hybrid is not a great ride, and that I should have bought a true racing bike, but you would need to be well experienced to know a great deal of difference between this and a proper racing bike, so I for one, am well chuffed!!
Thanks for reading :)


  • PrettyBoyTim
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    I had a test ride on one of them. It was lovely. Congratulations on your purchase!
  • pw1brown
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    I may be wrong, but I think the only real difference between the FCR 2 and the SCR 2, a road bike, which I have, are the flat as opposed to drop handlebars. So it should be a good swift machine. Enjoy it!
  • allaction
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    If the only difference is the bars that's good news if you decide you want a full road bike as all you have to do is change the bars! Most people (myself included) have had to purchase road bike as well. You could even alternate between them if you wanted, dependant on what you current needs were.