sore neck

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I suffer from a very sore neck whilst cycling, usually after 20 miles, is it just me or would a raised stem help. riding a bianchi via nirone?


  • carlstone
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    Rasied stem and /or more spacers (if you have enough stearer tube left) may help.

    Also if you are wearing a peaked helmet, ditch the peak, this means you don't have to crank your neck as far back to see in front of you.
  • Monty Dog
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    Both raising the stem, or reducing the reach with a shorter stem will help. If not already doing so, look to ride on the hoods rather than the drops. Your elbows need to be slightly bent and not locked when riding - over-reaching causes tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. If the discomfort persists, look to get a 'bike fit' done to get the right position and set-up.
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  • pw1brown
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    Don't sit rigidly in the same position for miles. Move your weight around slightly, even stretch now and then as you ride. This usually works for me.
  • blorg
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    Presuming you have an angled stem which is currently pointed down, you may be able to invert your stem to easily try out a more elevated riding position.
  • fossyant
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    Also, the more you ride, the more your muscles will get used to it.

    When I got back putting the miles on in December, I suffered awful back and neck ache after 60 minutes - that's gone now - just getting the muscles used to sustaining such a position. I ride road bikes so the position is extreme at best.