Visited links another colour please?

whyamihere Posts: 7,700
Can we have links to topics we've visited in a different colour or font please? Particularly on the multiple page threads, somewhat annoying to be unable to see how far through it I've read, or which threads I've read on the pages.

It'll only take about a second to edit your CSS pages with the change.


  • Andy
    Andy Posts: 8,207
    As useless as this 'whyamihere' character is I would agree with him on this point.
  • Thantos
    Thantos Posts: 533
    And look at his post count. I bet its fake. :wink:
    How are you keeping Chris? Don't see much of you on this board.
  • whyamihere
    whyamihere Posts: 7,700
    You don't see much of me on any board, I tend to lurk. ;)
  • Yes, this is a good idea, and I am mystified as to why we aren't changing visited link colours. I'll slap some designers till I get answers.
    John Stevenson