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Whats Better?

jaybikingjaybiking Posts: 4
edited July 2007 in MTB beginners
Hi All,

Novice here again, just a quick question, i've had a look at two bikes at the same price. Ones a Trek 6000 Disc 2007 and the others a Pinnacle Evolution 1.0 '07' any tips on what to go for, two of my mates have Trek's and they have had no problems whereas I haven't heard of Pinnacle, thats coz of my stupidity I know. I know of Trek, is that a good make.?

Thanks lads , every bit helps


  • ThantosThantos Posts: 533
    Trek are a good make that have been around for years. The only problem i see with the brand is the price. They seem a little expensive compared to some competition.
    Pinnacle are, i believe Evans Cycles in house brand. They only appeared last year and although the bikes themselves look reasonable, they also look a little overpriced.

    Having never ridden either brands i don't know how much my 2 penneth worth counts for. But it is here anyway.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Couldn't agree more, the Pinnacles are behind on spec for their price, and at these competetive points a good fork and parts can make more of a differene than the frame.
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