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Folder Recommendations Please

squiredsquired Posts: 1,216
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I'm shortly going to be switching to a new job in another part of London. While I expect to be cycling the full distance some days I will also be taking the train sometimes. As a result I'm considering the possibility of a folder, but I have no idea which to go for.

I'd be riding between 1 and 3 km to the train station (depending on which one I go to), then around 2km from Victoria station at the other end.

Budget-wise I guess I'd be looking to spend up to around £500 max, as I've already spent enough on my other bikes in recent years! Any thoughts would be appreciated, in terms of what gives the best ride for the price.


  • ThantosThantos Posts: 533
    By your topic title i thought you were refering to something to store paper in.

    Dawes have a good reputation for folding bike at reasonable prices.
    Also, have a look at the range of Folders from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative. Very cheap for what they are.
  • andypandyp Posts: 8,351
    I am reliably informed by a colleague who is something of a folding bike obsessive that there is only one folder really worth buying and that is the Brompton.

    He has owned a few but will not part with his Brompton for love nor money.
  • The Joe ShowThe Joe Show Posts: 9,413
    If could somehow stretch your budget, i'd recommend an Airnimal.
    Less gears, more beers.
  • Hairy JockHairy Jock Posts: 558
    You could try this site
    Best advice I ever got was "better get a bike then"
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    Also with the old C+ crowd at Cycle Chat.
  • andrewc3142andrewc3142 Posts: 906
    For very short trips like that and taking on the train, Brompton would be my choice. I have one which I take on the Eurostar when working in Belgium since it gives me some independence and freedom when I'm there.

    Quite fun (despite my initial scepticism), although don't expect it to do what a proper bike does (especially up hills!). Quick to fold, folds up small, very well thought out and built.

    The M3L (3 gears and mudguards) should do the job and is about £500. Don't bother with the dynamo lights - they're heavy, break down and aren't very good anyway. The front mounted bag is very good and also keeps the front under control better. The lightweight carry-bag is essential in order to take it on Eurostar.
  • rampaxrampax Posts: 139
    I would definately go for a Brompton. I initially bought mine for commuting the 20 mile round trip to work on, but after a year or so got a larger wheeled Dahon Jack which is much better over this sort of distance, and handles potholes better. However, I still keep the Brommie for shorter trips, and ones that involve the train, as its just SO HANDY. The Dahon is a much better ride, but is far more awkward to fold, and is a huge package to lugg around.

    I will NEVER sell my Brommie.
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  • rdaviesbrdaviesb Posts: 566
    Just got a Dahon MuXL through the Bike to Work scheme, which brings it into budget. Really impressed - a real sit on it and go bike - the chain is almost fully enclosed so I can get away with wearing the suit when I have to.
  • Philip DavisPhilip Davis Posts: 965
    Lots of reviews and general advice on

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