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Fixed question?

LoveMyPaddyWagonLoveMyPaddyWagon Posts: 18
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I have recently purchased a nice new Paddy Wagon and I am thoroughly enjoying riding her (ahem....stop sniggering at the back). Even gettting used to not braking and back pedalling more often than not, although almost 'flung' myself off a couple of times when I forgot I couldn't coast DOH! :lol:

My question is:

How much stress does back pedalling to brake put on the back wheel and/or transmission? As when I do it, it sounds like Penny (she has a name) doesn't like it. It's probably more to do with the fact it's a sound I'm unfamiliar with. It's not a loud sound. I can't explain it.

Thx in advance for any advice :D


  • jbindmanjbindman Posts: 1,328
    the strain depends on how heavy you are and how forcefully you do it of course, but the magnitude is similar to jumping on the pedals going forwards- & it shouldn't make a special noise. check the chain tension and wear. then the spokes & BB. if its a frame creak....well, they can be bad news...
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  • Thx for that.

    I'm not heavy (5' 8", just under 12 stone). I've checked spoke tension and such. I think it's just something I'm not used to. But I'm lovin it :D
  • I don't remember ever having heard any particularly different sound in this situation. Can you describe it?

    The strain is down to the strength of your legs really, so their shouldn't be any more strain than when accelerating. Unless of course you are talking about skidding the rear end in this way.

    The stresses on the wheel itself would be no more than when braking the rear wheel using a disc brake or bub brake.h
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