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sram 7 shifters, cable replacement.

MarieMarie Posts: 24
edited July 2007 in MTB workshop & tech
Help me!!! How do you replace the gear cable in a sram 7 shifter. I see a little rubber stop with a cross head in but it doesn't seem to do much. Help. :P
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  • MarieMarie Posts: 24
    Fantastic!! Cheers :lol:
    Live for today, tomorrow you may be married!
  • TicaboyTicaboy Posts: 314
    Tip: unscrew the barrel adjuster out and off first. Threading the cable is tricky anyway, this just makes it easier (IMOP).
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Tica is that for fitting the new cable?

    removing the old one does seem to give some people problems. remove the plug. (thing with X on it) shift the shifter into the correct gear to allow the nipple to be pushed out (nipple will be visable) this is where the problems start. the sram shifter puts quite a bend into the cable meaning a straight push does not work. a push and twist is needed. might take a few goes to get it right.

    top tip. easier with the shifter off the bars.
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  • TicaboyTicaboy Posts: 314
    Yes, for fitting new cables. I eventually put my shifter housing back together, and found threading the cable through the shifter was easier by taking the adjuster out and replacing once a bit of cable was sufficiently through.
  • dave_sdave_s Posts: 4,362
    Good tip there Nick, I'm going to try that next time I change a cable in my SRAM X7 shifters.

    I'm one the ones who always has probs getting the old cable out because it seems to jam itself in place. Will try a twist move next time I need to change cables. Normally with Shimano ones is so easy to swop cables but I have had probs with SRAM to the point where I don't even attempt to get the cable out without splitting the shifter. I'm ok at putting the shifter back together again now after doing it a few times but would rather just undo the plastic screw and swop the cable with the shifter unsplit
    Dave S
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