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Benotto- worth fixing?

jbindmanjbindman Posts: 1,328
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my neighbour had a cellar clear out today and i picked out a decent looking 70's racer for salvage- probably put aside for repairs after a crash as there is no front wheel and the bars look slightly bent. the frame looks fine though- a 'Benotto Paris-Roubaix' , made in Italy, with nice delicate chrome forks. Paint reasonable, no tubeset transfers.

the parts are a bit eclectic but probably put on by someone who cared about bikes- campag pedals, seat post (an odd 'aero' shape) and rings (56/44, the owner was stronger than me....), cinelli stem and bars, but the groupset, original according to the transfers, is 'Huret Sachs', looks fairly smart, 6 speed close ratio block, cranks Mavic, and the brakes 'Speedy Modolo', also Huret I think.

There are a couple of obstacles to giving it a quick polish and getting it back on the road, or making a fixed out of it, without spending anything- I have a spare front wheel but the rear is a mavic tubular rim on campag record hub, tyre all perished, and I don't have the kit/spares (or desire) to put a tub on. and its a bit small for me at about 21" centre to top. and the bars are useable but safer replaced.


1. anyone heard of benotto- any good?
2. any idea what the tubing is?
3. anyone want to swop the rear wheel for a clincher wheel, fixed or not
4. anyone interested in it as a project- I might do it but have plenty else on and the size isn't right; would swop for a bigger frame of course
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  • bagpusscpbagpusscp Posts: 2,907
    If they are found here, then it's quality
  • jbindmanjbindman Posts: 1,328
    thanks for this. its clearly from a very similar period to the modelo 3000 'as ridden by francesco moser' but is clearly from further down the range- I looked and can't see a model number, but it doesn't have the campag drop outs, & although the forks are nice (lugless crown) the other lug work is pretty standard.

    still, it looks OK and if I can swap the wheel (which is probably the best bit, classic quality wise), its got a few more miles in it
    fgg 1666
  • AndyGatesAndyGates Posts: 8,467
    Definitely! Build up a rear wheel, and that one you've got there is classic so it ought to sell on ebay no problem. Nice little bike, that.
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  • jbindmanjbindman Posts: 1,328
    today outside waterloo station I saw a strange contraption made of 2 bikes stuck together by a cart with a huge pile of old wheels on it. i checked- yes, there is a 700/23 clincher rear wheel in the pile, looks sound, ill have the benotto back on the road tonight I thought....

    anyway, eventually the owner, a 'street person', emerges from a nearby much for the wheel, I say...'not for sale', he says & pedals off.


    but a project is born....get the bike back on the road, geared or fixed, for £0.00......(then flog it here if its a good ride, ive enough bikes already)
    fgg 1666
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