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Are Mountain Bike Courses worth going on?

al_yrpalal_yrpal Posts: 102
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I have looked at details of one day courses, and some reviews by a magazine which was very complimentry. The journalist said he had been riding for years but learnt a lot of worthwhile things on the beginners one day course (which the school insisted he did).

Bearing in mind its about £70 for a beginners one day course, what do experienced riders think of courses?



  • epicEmepicEm Posts: 45
    Hi Al

    I really rate mountain bike courses (and courses in general).
    Which course was being reviewed?

    I have been to it was well worth it. Ray is an excellent teacher and gives you bags of confidence to try everything.

  • jamesCEjamesCE Posts: 1
    I got a huge amount out of the course that I went on with getmountainbiking near Milton Keynes - but then what was on the course was exactly what I needed - an intro to all the techniques I'll need and also some confidence bits on downhills/technical stuff.
    I think the website is

    I suppose it depends on what you want the course for and who does the course that you want...
  • ThantosThantos Posts: 533
    Earlier in the year the Female reporter (Ruth?) from MBUK went on a course.
    It was an all womans weekend long one if i remember correctly and was being taught by an ex pro. I'm fairly sure it was in Scotland and they also do it for blokes aswell.
    She said it was fantastic and she learnt a great deal.

    Sounds like it might be worth getting yourself a place on one.
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