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Note to self: Less caffeine in the afternoon.

During June this year, the City of London Police ran an operation to target
thefts of pedal cycles in the City.

The operation was filmed by ITV.

During the filming the police were successful with several arrests for pedal cycle
theft. If you are interested to find out more about this then the programme
is due to be broadcast on 24th July, 2007, at 1930 hours on ITV1 (London and
South East) or Sky channel 993 (for national broadcast outside of
London/South East).


  • rothbookrothbook Posts: 943
    Silly programme. They hid a tracker under the saddle and left a bike in Islington, locked with one of those cheap springy locky thinks- like a coil, you know?

    Some chavvy kids rolled up with a wirecutter, less than 10 seconds later they pedalled orf. A car followed them filming, eventually they were accosted and the film crew got the bike back. Pointless, rather.

    Brick Lane was interesting, they bought a £400 Specialised I think.

    Paid £130.
  • Eat My DustEat My Dust Posts: 3,965
    I thought it was pretty amusing. Especially the fanny who said "what about my £50" when the reporter told him he was taking back the stolen bike that he had bought!!
  • rothbookrothbook Posts: 943
    Check out Gumtree for blatantly nicked bikes for sale, ads written in caps, semi-literate
    :" Will mete u at tube stashun innit".
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Still talking to yourself then wimbly?
    Aw, bless :lol:
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