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London to Morocco Charity RIde

spasypaddyspasypaddy Posts: 5,731
My mate just sent me this, he told me he was doing it...

From 1st of August 2007, the three of us will be braving extreme temperatures, high winds, treacherous terrain, gypsies and chronic saddle sores all the way through to Africa on our bikes.

We'll be leaving from Dom's house in Fleet, just outside London, and cycling down to Portsmouth to catch a Ferry down to St Malo in France. We'll then cycle down the West coast, cruise over the Pyrenees into Spain, then make our way straight down south, through Madrid, finally ending up in Gibraltar on the southern tip. From there we will catch a boat across to Morocco, and probably do a little dance to celebrate.

We'll be doing all this without any support aid so we'll be carrying all our luggage and equipment by ourselves on our bikes. We're aiming to complete the trip in under 6 weeks - around 50 miles a day (plus rest days) for a distance of roughly 1500 miles. Which, for three unsightly, languid, student pie-enthusiasts, is a long way.

But it's all for a worthy cause. We're raising money for the British Red Cross, and hoping to raise as much as possible in this short time. If you'd like to sponsor us then you can do it by clicking the link below...

Any help you can give, no matter how little, will make a difference and would be massively appreciated. We'll update you on our progress as often as we can, so keep checking back!

Thanks for your support,

I think its very very impressive, i will be sponsoring him and if any of you are able to as well he would be very appreciative.

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