Clicking knees but no pain

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I recently upgraded my hybrid to a Cannondale road bike.

I've clocked up a few miles and my knees seem to be clicking a lot when I'm not on the bike. However, ther is no real pain.

I've played around with saddle height and got my cleats into a comfortable position over the balls of my feet, but the clicking is still there.

I never had any problems with my old toe clip style pedals on my old bike.

I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem or knows what I could try.



  • I've had the same thing with my knees when I run for about the last 18 months. Was going to see a physio but I just ignor it now. Don't get it on the bike mind.
  • p_coops
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    I run too, so maybe I need better fitting running shoes.
  • jswba
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    If it's a small clicking noise a little like a 'pop' sound, it could be air pockets in the synovial [sp?] fluid. Very small air pockets can form in the fluid around the knees. Mine pop and click loudly enough for people around me to hear at times! My doctor's said that it's just the air pockets bursting under pressure (or something). Basically it is absolutely not a problem, esp since there is no pain.