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Cycling Motivation

RYOUNG78RYOUNG78 Posts: 19
What motivated you to start cycling. How do you keep yourself motivated?


  • ratty2kratty2k Posts: 3,872
    look in the "very overweight" thread just below this, you'll see mine! Basically didnt want to be 40 and fat! Just to commute was a goal- decided that I had to have a look see where else to ride. Manmade centers had been invented in the time I'd had off a bike- went to Llandegla was hooked! :lol:

    Prob for me now is I get grumpy if I've not been on the bike for a while......
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  • Pippen33Pippen33 Posts: 235
    Standing in the queue at Tesco, watching people buy TV dinners.
  • al_yrpalal_yrpal Posts: 102
    Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and not wanting to take pills.

    And, I rediscovered that I loved cycling after a 'pause' of 50 years

  • h i r 0h i r 0 Posts: 76
    Discovering that my similarly shaped mate has started jogging every day. No way am I letting him get slim, while I stay podgy.
  • richkrichk Posts: 564
    My GP does a regular(ish) lifestyle questionnaire, which made me realize I was 2 stone overweight and did next to no exercise.
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  • finlayson99finlayson99 Posts: 213
    Always loved it since I was a tiny tot. Don't need anything to keep me motivated.
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  • chunkytfgchunkytfg Posts: 358
    I'm fat!

    I race motorcycles at the weekends!

    Being thinner and fitter would make me quicker which would please my sponsers and make the sport a little less hurrendous in the moeney department!! :shock:
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  • tuxpootuxpoo Posts: 138
    Reduce my carbon footprint :P

    No, I really started to get fit, enjoy the countryside and scare myself a little. (Dont you love a bit of adrenaline)

  • I started when I was about 15 and loved it since..I don't only use it for training and racing, but to go to the job and try not to use the car as much. I love cycling so much that I made a tattoo on my right calf. Everything for me is about the bike..and keeping myself fit for racing and staying healthy. I don't think I'll stop either cause it's so nice seeing landscapes and visiting new trails etc..and the fact that it's peaceful just riding in the woods is enough for me to say i'm in paradise everytime!
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  • jjojjasjjojjas Posts: 346
    I have never not cycled. But I commute now, whereas in the past I did more off road stuff at the weekends. I notice I get ratty and tired faster if I drive to work than if I cycle. Reminds me I'm alive. :lol:
    Its cheaper than diesel also :lol:
    it looks a bit steep to me.....
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